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THOREY Relocation Services supports companies and relocating employees. Founded in 1997, we offer a comprehensive suite of services, like area orientation, cultural assistance, departure services, to our regions of Hannover, Braunschweig, Wolfsburg, Salzgitter, Berlin, Hamburg and Kassel.

We relieve the strains of duties for you and your employee and carry out the whole organisation evolving the relocation from A to Z.

Our service is addressing midsize and big international companies, managers and their families. With our assistance the relocation will be prompt, efficient and smooth.


Customer voices

“Perfect language support in English and German.”
“The service was superb.”
“Very efficient, organized and punctual – not a moment of time was wasted waiting around due to disorganization.”
“THOREY really pulled a masterstroke with finding our home. They understood our requirements totally and were very proactive in utilizing their local knowledge and contacts.”
“Professional and well prepared”
“I am grateful that we had a relocation agent to assist us. There is a lot of paperwork to be done and we would not have been able to do it without THOREY.”
„Für meine Familie und mich wünschte ich mir einen angenehmen Umgebungswechsel und einen guten Start im Ausland. Außerdem Hilfe bei Komplikationen im Alltag in der Zeit meines Aufenthalts. Auf meine Bedürfnisse wurde sehr gut eingegangen. Ich habe mich immer willkommen gefühlt.“
”I think the personal friendliness of THOREY, was what put us at ease during a fairly stressful situation, especially the language situation, I think that this is Thorey´s very strong point, actually feel sad that it has come to an end now.”
”I am very satisfied with the negotiations with the landlord as a few things were changed in my favour, such as a reduced fee, reduction of notice period.”



THOREY Relocation Services delievers comprehensive service packages for innovative and efficient relocation.

Visa and Immigration

Support with preparations for entering Germany


Look and See trip/Welcome trip

Home search

A suitable property for your employees - we will support you


Administrative procedures can be time consuming and complicated - We relieve your employees.


 Electricity, water, license fee - We take care of it.


Placement of school and kindergarten - so you can feel safe while you are away at work

Culture services

Life in the new city begins - We provide the perfect start.


We take care of everything - from planning to on-site service.


Leaving Germany can be challenging – we help you with handling the whole process

Your Team

Anne Rangette


Ute Fischer

Location Hannover

Senior Relocation Manager

Katja Mondry

Location Braunschweig/Wolfsburg

Senior Relocation Manager