Residence permit

A new environment and an unfamiliar language can be time-consuming and complex, this may extent organising the necessary administration.

Our authority service will help ease your employee’s efforts. In cooperation with the authorities, we will ensure your employee will be handed out all required documents. Our good contacts to the authorities will enable us to minimize the application duration and find fast and satisfying solutions even for complex situations. Your employee and your HR will be relieved.


  • town Hall (support with registration, change of address, de-registration, registration certificate, criminal record, tax ID, household certificate, etc.)
  • residence permit (support with application, collection, fictional certificate, submitting applications on work permits and pre-approval of the Arbeitsagentur)
  • work permit (support with submitting applications on work permits and pre-approval of the Arbeitsagentur)


Driver’s license

In order to drive with a valid driver’s license in Germany, the re-writing of the original driver’s license is essential within six months. Germany offers special agreements with some countries, and then an application for a German driver’s license is only administration. Driver’s license from other countries will be re-written after a theoretical and/or practical test.

We will find out if a verification is necessary and ensure that your employee will stay safe on German roads.


  • if applicable registering with a driving school
  • requesting all necessary documents
  • assigning the translation of the driver’s license
  • accompanied application for the driver’s license
  • accompanied collection of the German driver’s license

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