The property is leased, the move ready to be finished. Last formalities need to be finalized: the registration with local utilities suppliers.


  • registering utilities (electricity, water, gas)
  • applying for Rundfunkgebühr (TV and radio license)
  • applying for residential parking permit (if available)


Life in the new city begins - We provide the perfect start.


Culture services

Your employee relocated, all official matters are settled, and children are taken care off. The time has come to explore the new neighborhood and familiarize the local habits.

We offer wide culture services in order helping your employee and family to settle in, so the start into our region will be as smooth as possible.


  • accompanying to the bank and assistance in opening an account
  • supporting the moving in date
  • escorting the exploration of the area, specially showing and explaining shopping opportunities, medical care, recreational facilities
  • handing over lists stating doctors, bilingual in English, French and Spanish
  • handing over lists stating important telephone numbers, addresses, websites
  • guidance to shopping facilities
  • explaining the public transportation system, support buying the tickets
  • making contact to international clubs and expats organisations
  • supporting the selection of suitable language schools
  • support in taking out various insurance policies

Please contact us; we are looking forward to hearing from you.
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